INAGUA aims to answer those questions or problems that may arise from any water treatment facility. Our professionals are ready to find solutions to issues affecting the management of facilities and equipment (TA) and consultation on regulations and administrative procedures (legal counsel, authorization of discharges, DUCA ...).

- Technical Assistance:

• Audits

INAGUA has technical expertise and many years of experience in all types of processes to perform process audits and advice on changes, improvements or modifications to be made in existing facilities.

• Regular monitoring of the operation of the treatment plant

INAGUA offers tracking or operation of the sewage treatment facility that ensures maximum performance at minimum cost debugging. Currently control a high purification name in different industrial sectors (chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food, tourism) and also in the municipal sector. Control visits and the number of tests are done with the frequency required for each case.

• Training courses aimed at operators and / or plant managers

INAGUA has a training room where courses for a small number of people and narrowly targeted to the specific needs of attendees. We also conduct training courses in the same industries. In general the topics are used to treat the following:
-Microbiological principles of biological treatment process.
-Methods of control and optimization of physical-chemical and biological treatment plant.
-Differential aspects of industrial waste water treatment plants.
-Management and control of physical-chemical treatment plants.
-Fundamentals of purification with membranes. The membrane bioreactor.

• Water analysis by accredited laboratory

-Physicochemical analysis
-Microbiological analysis
-Drinking water analysis

• Biological indicator of river water quality (BMWPC)


- Legal advice:

INAGUA has technical expertise in legal issues and current legislation, so we can advise on the conduct of all types of transactions with government.

• DUCA (Statement of Use and Water Pollution)

• Authorization and discharge permit renewal

• Authorization for reuse

• Grant processing