INAGUA-INGENIERIA DE AGUAS, S.L. is a company with over 38 years of experience (since 1973) in the world of water treatment, process, drinking and waste water, urban and industrial (food, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile...). using different technologies for water treatment (biological, membrane bioreactor, activated sludge, denitrification…). Our professionals (engineers, chemists, biologists, draftsmen, mechanics) will offer the project most tailored to your needs.

- Pilot studies

Pilot studies: the viability of a treatment system can be evaluated before construction of the treatment plant with a pilot plant. INAGUA has several pilot plants with different technologies to evaluate which one best fits your needs.


- Analytical characterizations


Analytical characterizations: to assess what treatment is most appropriate a representative sample of wastewater generated is analyzed. Automated equipment INAGUA has automated equipment sampling and laboratory to expedite this process itself.

- Construction of WWTP and WPP

INAGUA offers a comprehensive service including engineering, construction, installation, commissioning, maintenance and operation of water treatment facilities (wastewater treatment, purification, regeneration stations ...). The project of construction of treatment facilities (civil works, installation of mechanical equipment, electrical controls, information management, remote ...) is supported by more than 270 projects in more than 38 years of INAGUA’s experience (since 1973).